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Chisora V Usyk Post Fight Write Up

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November 1, 2020

Chisora VS Usyk Boxing Undercard In-play Betting & Odds Summary

Undercard Bouts

Undercard Bout 1 - Amy Timlin VS Carly Skelly

We missed this bout but Timlin V Skelly was declared a draw! A shock result? We wil be keeping an eye the future of Amy Timlin. Y

ou can find all the latest future betting odds at Amy Timlin Betting.

Undercard Bout 2 - Ramala Ali VS Eve Hubmeyer

Rangy orthodox boxer Ramala Ali made her professional boxing debut and took her opportunity straight onto the sky sports boxing scene. Ali put on a quality performance winning every round. Her opponent  Eve Hubmeyer was game and strong but a touch limited. Londoner, Ali pushed hard for the stoppage in the final round but the tough opponent hung on. Winner 64-60 Ramala Ali. We will be keeping an eye on her career in future and updating you with the latest odds.

Carl Froch summarising " she controlled the bout, and was a touch harsh on her self. Maybe she was looking for the stoppage. I thought she did well!

Jonny Nelson "This was a show case to see what she could do, we saw how good she was and how good she could potentially be".

Undercard Bout 3 - Tommy McCarthy VS Bilal Laggoune

Next up Billal Laggoune VS Tommy McCarthy ,which looks an intriguing cruiser weight clash for the European title. The Belgian has won 25 of his 28 fights. 

Round one and both fighters were exchanging heavy shots.  Betting fave Tommy Mccarthy caught with a few decent shots in round 1 from Laggoune, a close round we gave it to the Belgium man. 

Round two and Mccarthy looked sharper but still been caught by a few right hands over the top. Mccarth landed some heavy body shots of his own towards the end of the round. Good fight so far!

In round 3 and 4, again McCarthy looked the busier boxer, nothing of note landing but just outworked Laggoune. McCarthy opting to rely on his reflexes and keeping the lead hand down low, choosing to lean back out the way of the punches, but Laggoune is occasionally getting through. McCarthy looked confident in round 4, he began to show is quality and looked more in control. Tommy Mccarthy betting odds in play moved to a 1/3 on favorite.  McCarthy landing some heavy looking shots at the end of the 4th. 

laggoune and mccarty boxing

In round 6 McCarthy really stepped up the work rate and pressure on Laggoune. Laggone stopped the bout pretty much himself in the 6th round claiming there is something in his eye.  He said there is something in my eyes , when asked which eye by the doctor he said "both of them"

The bout was allowed to continue and the incident seemed to give Tommy McCarthy a confidence boost as he came out swinging in the 7th round. Really digging in his punches and looking to ramp up the pressure on Laggoune. McCarthy finished the 7th with a big flurry to the body of Laggoune. Lagogune really started to look tired now. The in play body odds shifted to 1/25 on in favour of the Irishman and betting favorite.

Round 8 and Laggoune looking more and more tired and less interested in winning the fight. Huge betting odds of 16/1 on Laggoune now. Moving into round 9 and Tommy Mccarthy really looking for the stoppage this round as he hurts Laggoune and looks for the finish before Laggoune makes a decent recovery.

Round 10 and Laggoune seems to have woken up a bit, really digging in and pushing forwards, he seemed to have woken up. 

Moving into round 11, and Laggoune starting to look more urgent, the Belgium man clearly aware he must be behind on the judges scorecards, the betting odds on a Laggoune win now at 9/1 whilst the betting odds for McCarthy are now at 1/16 on.

Round 12 and McCarthy looks to be ahead on the scorecards. He dances around on his toes and keeps his distance whilst popping in and out of range with quick counters. The Irishman bouncing around on his toes and looks to have won the final round. 

After 12 rounds the judges scored the bout 114-114, 116-112, and 116-113 both to the winner by majority decision - Tommy McCarthy! He becomes the new European Champion.

Undercard Bout 4- Savannah Marshall VS Hannah Rankin

Next up was an all British world title fight with Savannah Marshall VS Hannah Rankin for the world title. Very interesting fight this one, both fights equally as confident in themselves, there has been a fair bit of needle in the build up. 

The shy Hartlepool fighter is the the challenger for this one, she starts off round one switching stances with a loose relaxed style, not much landed from either fighter in round 1 maybe Hannah Rankin edged it on work rate. Marshall looking like shes just studying her opponent and working her way into the fight.

Round 2 and Marshall, looking super relaxed as she peppers Ranking with shots and probably takes round 2 on the judges scorecards. Round 3 and Marshall looks to be really getting into her stride looking super flashy landing unorthodox shots, you can clearly see the influence of Peter Fury on her style. Savvanah Marshall already at betting odds of 25/1 to win. 

Round 4 and Savvanah Marshall looks really in control, Rankin already looking tired and looks as though shes having to dig deep as she struggles to deal with the Hartlepool boxers loose elusive style. Rankin looks like shes putting everything into her shots in order to try and land something. A super performance from Savannah Marshall so far as she moves to odds of 125/1 with the bookmakers in play.

An effortless performance from Marshall so far, boxing so well, the two look leagues apart at the point. Round 7 and Ranking looks hurt after a onslaught, she takes  a knee before climbing to her feet but the bout is waved off by the referee. 

Savannah Marshall wins the WBO middleweight world title! A great stoppage by the referee. She joins Terri Harper and Chantelle Cameron as British female world champions. 

Savannah Marshall was pre fight betting favorite keep and eye on this page for future betting odds on Savannah Marshall.

savannah marshall being interviewed

Undercard Bout 5 Lee Selby V George Kambosos Jnr

Next up a world title eliminator between Lee Selby and George Kambosos Jnr the winner with a fight vs the highly rated Teoifimo Lopez who has just beaten p4p ranked Lomachenko.

Round 1 and Selby moves round the right with his typical back foot style, gliding round the ring and flicking out the jab. 

Kambosos the betting underdog really fancied himself in this one, and in round 2 he takes center ring and looks to pressure Selby with sharp combinations. A close fight so far maybe one round each.

Into round 4 and its hard to separate these two, Lee Selby is probably edging the rounds boxing behind the jab however Sky Bet have the odds at 2/1 for a Selby win and they have betting underdog Kambsos Jnr ahead with the in play betting he is currently 1/2 to win going into round 5. Interestingly commentators Matthew Macklin and Adam Smith have Selby ahead on their score cards.

Into round 6 and selby still flicking out the jab and moving round the ring with Kamboses looking like hes struggling to land anything clean on the welshman 

lee selby boxing kamoboses jnr on chisora undercard

Inside round 8 and this fight still looks to be in the balance. Many tight rounds and this will probably come down to what the judges like more, the backfoot boxing of Selby flicking out the shots or the sharp come forward style of Kamoboses Jnr.

Kamboses Jnr landing some really clean shots in the 8th and looks to have taken the round.  Kamboses having another decent round in the 9th, the back end of the fight seems to be edgeing slightly to the Australian. 

If you are interested in betting on Lee Selby you could have got the welsh man at around odds of 4/6.  

The bout is very close but the Australian is upping the work rate in these later rounds. Going into the 11th round now and Skybet have Kamboses Jnr at odds of 1/6 on fave whilst Selby is at odds of 25/1! . These odds look a little harsh to us and we expect the actual judges scorecards to be closer. Odds of 12/1 for the draw may tempt some!

The Australian George Kamboses Jr really showing his class in this fight, very fast hands and a cool calm attitude, Controlling center ring and really boxing well. Selby having to push forward now and push the pace which really isn't his style of boxing and Kamboses is opening the scorecards further in the 12th round.

The fight goes to the judges scorecards, I think Kamboses should have edged this on the scorecards by a few rounds.

Betting underdog George Kamboses Jr wins the fight via split decision. 

Next Up The Main Event

Main Event Chisora V Usyk

Chisra is pushing forwards in these first three rounds and turning it into a dog fight. Usyk doesn't look comfortable hes constantly moving, Chisora is really pushing the pace and missing widely whilst landing a few. We think Chisora is 3 rounds up after the first 3 rounds. Usyk is moving an landing counters but nothing looks solid. Usyk looks as though hes hoping Chisora will tire.

Going into round 4 and Derk Chisora looks to be blowing a bit in the corner, but we feel he is ahead after 3 rounds. The bookies have Chisora at odds 5/1 after 3 rounds and Usyk at odds of 1/8.

Usyk looks to have taken round 4, constantly on the move round the ring hes peppering Chisora with light touching shots. Chisora missing  with a lot of big punches but hes landing the occasional big shot on the Ukrainian which will give him confidence. 

Usyk starting to relax and hold his feet and look comfortable in there, he landed a clean hurtful looking shots in round 5 and Derek Chisora looks to be heavily blowing heaviliy in the corner going into round 6  as his corner try to calm him down and tell him to control his breathing. Into the 6th round and Alexander Usyk looks like hes really enjoying himself now, dancing round the ring flicking out shots avoiding the wild shots of Chisora.  The bookies have Chisora at odds of 6/1 after going into round 7 whilst the betting odds for Usyk is 1/10 on.

In the 7th round now and the work rate from Derek Chisora has drastically slowed down, hes not pushing forward and not throwing as many punches.  Usyk moving swiftly around the ring and he glides from side to side out of the reach of Chisora leaving him to resort to wild swings. Usyk lands a couple of hurtful shots at the end of the 7th before following it up with a big flurry, he really hurt Chisora in that round and if the round was longer he may have forced the stoppage. 

Interestingly Tony Belew has Chisora ahead whilst commentator Matthew Macklin has Usyk ahead by a wide margin. 

Usyk just starting to dig the shots in a little and hold his feet, he seems to be taking over with this fight now. His feet haven't stopped moving all night, although he hasn't had to move as much as the earlier rounds.

Round 9 and Chisora catches Usyk with a big swinging right hand over the top to get his attention, and usyk nods almost in approval.

Into round 10 and Chisora looks to have gotten his second wind, hes throwing more, missing a lot but hes also getting through with the odd shot whilst taking a shot or two coming forward.

Commentator Adam smith mentioning that Alexander Usyk may have hurt his hand, which could make for an interesting final 2 or 3 rounds to the fight.

Moving into the 11th round now and Usyk looks to be ahead by 3-5 rounds on the judges scorecards. Derek Chisora really pushing forward in this round wailing away, hitting arms and gloves but hes working so hard.

chisora v usyk

We're about to head into the final round and the bookies fave Alexander Usyk is now at odds of 1/16 on with Sky bet wilst Chisora is at odds of 8/1.  Chisora hasnt stopped trying throughout the whole fight but we suspect this is heading to a wide decision to the Ukrainian.

Chisora really piling the pressure on with a minute to go. But surely a points decision win for Usyk.

We head to the score cards and boxing betting fave Alexander Usyk wins a unanimous decision.


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