November 15, 2020

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Connor Benn v Sebastian Formella Betting odds, Tips & Prediction

Let's talk about this, Conor Benn versus Sebastian Fomella set for the Povetkin Whyte undercard. For those of you don't know who Sebastian Fomella is. I know a bit about him because he took on a South African. When I used to work in South Africa, there was a guy there Thulani Mbenge, who a lot of people were talking about and he had a fight with Formella about a year and a half ago.

Maybe about a year, a year and a half ago, a good fight but beat him. So I knew a bit about him before Sean Porter fought him and won every single round on the judges score card, literally across the board, 120-108. This is a strange matchup.

Credit to Connor Benn but it's a very strange matchup and I don't understand it. I like when I see prospects coming through and Connor Benn is a prospect, right?

When I see prospects coming through, I like to understand or see a path or understand what they're trying to do with that prospect. I don't see what they're doing with Connor Benn. I really don't understand that. I saw Eddie Hearn tweet as well, he said, sink or swim for this fight. And I'm thinking, why does he have to sink or swim all ready?

Why? Where is Connor Benn? Connor Benn I believe is what? 24 years old? What is he? 15 or 16-0. Let's have a look. I'm sorry. I should know this but I don't. He's only 24, he's 16-O but we can all agree.

Jumio was a step up, but again even the Jumio fire, I don't get it. I don't get any of these match-ups. I really don't. Okay, so say he beats Fomella. What does that mean? Does that mean he's European level? I don't know because I had no idea what Fomella was. We saw what happened when he stepped into the world stage lost every single round. It almost feels like they're trying to force track Conor Benn. Conor Benn is 30, he's like 32, 33. Someone that came in late into the game.

Ben V Formella Betting Tips

It's a weird match making for Conor Benn. I would have preferred to have seen the Jenkins fight with the Chris Kongo fight. Just so you know, we can know, you know what your British level tick that box you're only 24, become British level and then you take those steps to European Fringe World level. This kind of jumping is a bit weird again because if he wins it, then what do you do with him? Say he beats Fomella, say he knocks him out. Then what? Do you dare risk chucking him into world level?.  It's almost like running before you walk situation with Conor Benn. Remember this isn't a guy that had much amateur background at all. So surely you want to kind of I don't know, give him as many of these fights against British level guys, just to kind of learn on the job before you Chuck him into sort of the European world level scene.

I don't get it. It's almost like they're afraid that if they Chuck him in with Kongo, Chris Jenkins, he will lose. And they still know that he has somewhat of a name. So it's almost like we can't put him in with those guys and lose would rather him get somewhere and fight some .

Does that mean you're now above Chris Kongo and Jenkins? Who I'm not convinced he is. I like Conor Benn by the way. I like him a lot. I like his aggressiveness, I like everything about him but I want them to match-make him properly. Not just these weird fights.

That's it, should be a good scrap but again what does it mean when he wins apart from it being a win, which is fantastic. There's one of these WBA belts as well on the line. So it jumps him up and the WBA rankings but I don't know. Again, Jenkins wants that fight, Chris Kongo wants that fight. When Conor Benn announced a couple of days ago on his Twitter that there's a big fight coming. For some reason I expected it to be one of those two. Even though Chris Kongo fought recently in the Metrum fight camp and Eddie Hearn's back garden, it might be a Chris Kongo. Because that's a fight that just makes sense. Chris Kongo 12-O, Conor Benn 16-0, it makes sense for me, then they then go, the winner then goes to a European level. This don't make sense. None of these match-making has made any sense to me. In my honest review. None. But I'm sure they know a lot more than I do with regards to match-making. So good luck to Conor Benn, I hope he wins and then let's see what they do with him because I don't know what they're doing.

benn v formella betting odds and tips.

Benn V Formella Odds

I think this is a difficult fight for Connor Benn, we've already seen him struggle with boxers and movers. I fancy Formella at odds of 6/4 see below. When further odds are released later to fight night we might find some more value in the betting. For all of our boxing betting tips and odds view this page.


Sebastian Formella to win @ 6/4

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