Dave Allen Love Joe Prediction 

 October 29, 2020

By  allboxingodds

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allen v lovejoy

Dave Allen V Lovejoy Prediction

That right there, folks, was the enigma, Christopher "One Shot" Lovejoy, the undefeated 19 and 0, American, all by way of knockout. He is the man that has been flown in to replace Christian Hammer, who had to back out of the fight with Dave Allen over COVID. Unfortunately, we're not going to get that fight, but now we have Allen versus Lovejoy on the undercart of Usyk versus Chisora on this Saturday night's pay-per-view.

This is an awkward one folks because there's very little out there to see of Christopher Lovejoy. Now you just look straight to the papers and it says 19 and 0, 19 by way of knockout. That sounds awesome. But the guy's record is one of the most padded I've ever seen. Out of all of his fights, he's fought one opposition with a winning record.

Lovejoy's Boxing Record

All of Lovejoy's fights have been in Tijuana. This is the first time he'd be fighting professionally out of Mexico, which is very surprising. You think an American fighter would at least pick up a fight in America at some point. He calls out everybody under the sun, gets linked to all these different opponents. You don't always get a reason as to why the fights have fallen through, and other times he says people are running scared. People that have already proven themself, I can assure you, won't be running scared of him.

If you look into the guy's Instagram, the guy looks like he's permanently on a holiday. Fair play to him but, I don't know how serious he is. I've got a feeling this guy has gone in with the approach, firstly, he's joined boxing late. He's 36 years old now. He started fighting professionally around the age of 32. I think he first started to lose weight. But this guy, I think he's coming with the approach to basically get an extremely padded record and hope to pick up one big payday. That's my personal opinion. Now, I haven't even seen the man fight.

There's very limited footage, and is that for good reason? In 19 fights, don't you think this American fighter could afford a domestic rival? How has he not fought in America? It makes you think that he don't want eyes on him yet. Who knows? I'm not the all being and all seeing. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe comes in and actually surprises everybody. There's no reason at all that Lovejoy can't possess good power and actually be able to knock out a few guys, but it's whether he's actually got the skill to back it up.

With 19 wins and 19 by way of knockout and no losses, you'd think you'd be ranked highly, but BoxRec have him as 441st in the world, and that system bases you off who you defeat. That just shows you the level of opposition. Anyway, he's, he's a 36 years old, American, heavyweight orthodox fighter with a height of 6 foot, 5 inches inches tall, 19 and 0.

Dave Allen Boxing Record

We all know who Dave Allen is. Record 18 and 5, 15 of those 18 by way of knockout, and 5 losses by stoppage. 28 years old, comes from the UK, and 6 foot, 3 inches tall with a 75 inch reach. Allen is stated as in good shape for this fight. He expects himself to be quicker, a bit fitter, and all this. He's talking a good game basically. He's feeling confident. He thinks as soon as he hits Lovejoy it'll be over.

Whereas, Lovejoy feels the same, that Dave Allen won't be able to handle his power and thinks he'll knock him out in round one. Now, that would be interesting. If he could actually pull that off then I would certainly be a bit of a believer of Lovejoy, because we know Dave Allen is extremely durable. He's only been stopped by decent opposition or big punches, and the earliest was round seven by Luis Ortiz. He's been stopped in the 10th round by Tony Yoka, and he retired against David Price later on, too.

With very little to go on by Lovejoy and his fights basically, you've got to sort of play detective and go for his resume and go through what he's saying, and there seems to be a lot of holes in what the man says. If you simply go on his record, apparently he's had fights within a week of each other and the man's gained 30 pounds or dropped nearly 40 pounds between fights that are literally a week apart. Even on his Instagram post, he says he's looking to weigh in 330 pounds and fringe on 35 pounds, and saying that he's currently 350 pounds. And then he gets called out by some followers saying, "Last week you were saying you were 300 pounds, now saying you're 350 pounds. 50 pounds in one week? Nah." It's true, October the 15th, he posted saying he was 300 pounds, and someone else once again said, "So you're 300 pounds here, now you're 350. Come on, man. That's not even humanly possible." For me, that's a major red flag. I'm struggling to believe a word this Christopher Lovejoy says. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he does end up being the second come in for all I know. Honesty is always a good place to start.

The Prediction On The Fight

In this fight, I am betting on Dave Allen. I do think he'll get the win. From what I've seen, the short clips I've seen of Lovejoy, he doesn't seem anything particularly special. He does seem to have a good one, two, and maybe he does carry good power. But the really, really fishy record, the fact he hasn't even been fighting in America, it's always in some sort of bar in Tijuana, the fact that the weights are all over the place, the fact that he doesn't seem to, say, keep to one truth on Instagram, all that lot makes me think this guy is suspect.

Like I said before, my guess is he's been trying to really pad his record, make it really stand out, 19 and 0, 19 by way of knockout, and hoping to grab a big payday. I think he's probably grabbed himself a decent payday for this fight. He was probably hoping for better, also really hoping to snag a big money fight, but the offers never truly came in and he's probably cashing out now, in my opinion.

Dave Allen always has me on high alert when it comes to his fights. Now, I've been burnt once like many people at least by his good talk going into a fight, and then all the reasons after and saying that he didn't train that well, or he hasn't been sparring or he never felt confident or his mental health hasn't been great, all this lot, and then we're the ones who are left high and dry. But I don't actually mind the guy at all.

 He does get a lot of fights based off his personality because he's had a lot of losses now, but he still draws the eye. He's built himself a decent fan base. Now, I really do wish it was Allen versus Hammer. I felt confident Hammer was going to win that fight, and I was actually interested to see that. But at the same time, I've grown a bit of intrigue for this one, just because of who is Lovejoy.

For me, if I believe Dave Allen, again, he says he's in great shape. He'd been sparring with the likes of Alexander Usyk leading up to this fight. He does look to be in good shape, and he seems to be confident once again, but he was for the David Price fight. But I will be backing Dave Allen, the man that has actually been in with some real killers in the boxing ring in comparison to Lovejoy who has fought nobody.

You can get Dave Allen at a short odds of 1/5 at some places, but the bookies seem very, very guarded against his fight, and not many at all are dropping the open markets of knockouts and rounds. But 365 has Allen at two to seven, so you put seven on, you make two profit if it happens to win by stoppage. That was a better price yesterday of one to three. I think Allen gets his stoppage here, personally. I know there's not a lot to go off by Lovejoy, but I fancy Allen by way of stoppage. Now, obviously you guys bet what you want to bet or don't bet at all, but that is what my money is going on, and always make wise decisions.

Lovejoy looks a bit geezer. Now I don't think he will be 350 pounds. I don't know if he'll be what he says he's hoping to be, or I don't know if he'll be 300 pounds, but either way, it's a lot of weight to carry. The guy hasn't fought at any good level, it's all been sparring. I think it'll either go one of two ways for Lovejoy. He'll either be swinging for the hills and be trying to catch Dave Allen early, or he'll actually shell up and not be much entertaining at all. We will see Saturday night, won't we? But that's my peak. Dave Allen by KO, and I suspect early, probably in four or five rounds, if not earlier.

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