Adidas Bog Hog 2 Boxing Boots Review (2020) 

 October 29, 2020

By  allboxingodds

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Box Hog 2 Boxing Boots

Today we're reviewing one of the all time classic boxing boots on the market, the Adidas Box Hog 2s. These are industry standard boxing boots and the chances are, if you've trained for any length of time in boxing, you've probably owned one of these pairs of boots at some point.

They've always been very affordable and targeted at the beginner's end of the market. They're an excellent option if you are a beginner in boxing, or you're just simply working on a budget and you don't want to spend too much. They come in this signature Adidas box, you can see just there, all the size information and everything on it there in US, American, European sizes, UK, so everything you need to know on the box there.

They've got nice package on the inside as well. You can see they're covered in tissue paper there and then you get the boots inside. They did come in a couple of different colours over the years, and they've done a blue colour of these, but the black and white has always been the sort of box standard colour that they've always led with.

They have upgraded the sole on them. You'll notice if you've had a pair of these boots in the past, this was one of the original design ones, you can see just there, it's so much better. These always reminded me of a pair of my old gym shoes from back in the day when you were doing PE or something, but they upgraded this pair two or three years ago.

And it does make a massive difference to the boots, makes it a lot cleaner, nicer looking. You'll generally find these retail and online for about the £55 mark, so it's a brilliant price. If you're just looking, like I said before, for a basic good quality pair of boots, you can go cheaper than that and find other pairs on the market, but in my opinion is generally not worth it. The quality that you get from these boots, the durability, the comfort, the support, everything is money well spent at £55.

black box hog 2 boxing boots

Construction of the Bog Hog 2 Boxing boots (shoes)

They have a full mesh construction, suede front, which runs up round the laces as well. The signature three Adidas stripes and the stitch qual, it looks really good on it. A lot of it's double stitched. Even the single stitched areas all look like excellent built quality. These are really well put together, meaning they will last you a long time, as long as you look after them. The laces run from the bottom of the top of the bottom of the two sides, all the way up to the top of the boots. So you get excellent support all the way around the instep of the foot and also up to the top for the ankle.

And they are Kelly's on they're making it a lot better than we are in a normal trainers. The sole like I said, has that nice soft white color which matches the three stripes as a very firm sole till you feel close to the ground, you get bro-ing grip with it as well. It kind of reminds me of wearing a pair of converse trainers, very similar to that, quite a stiff hard sole , but yeah, you get excellent support with that.

The cell phone, the boots is quite narrow. I don't know if you can tell from the video or just there, but as quite a narrow fitting boot so if you've got wide feet, you may want to either go up a size or potentially it may not be the right pair of box in boots for you. When you've got them on, they are very comfortable with a very, very lightweight that full mesh construction means that they're made very late.

So if this is the first pair of boots you've worn, you will notice a massive difference compared to wearing your standard pair of trainers that you may have been using for training at the moment. These will make a massive difference and you'll see straightaway since you box who lightweight or the size in itself, usually between a nine and a half and a 10 and normal trainers. When I'm going for these boots a nine and a half, if I'm wearing normal trainer socks, like I would wear with my, with my normal trainers.

Wearing Socks with the box hog 2 (shoes) ?

I would probably stick to the nine and a half. What I do recommend doing is either wearing a thicker pair of socks or a pair box and socks. You'll get way more support. It's kind of the equivalent of wearing a handwraps for your feet and just to like prepare the handwrap so help bulk out the box in glove and give you way more support. The exact same goes for the pair of box and shoes. So definitely get yourself a pair of box and socks. We sell the Susie Wong ones. They're definitely an excellent show. You can't go wrong with them, but only 12 and 18, or you can get normal sports socks. Many sports retailers as well.

So they definitely work at G as well. So if you are wearing a pair of box and socks, then I'd probably recommend going up a half size. So I would move from a nine and a half to a 10. If I was wearing a pair of box and socks, that gives me a bit of room in there as well. Your feet do swell up slightly when you're training and with all the impact on the ground, the same way as when you're out running and stuff.

So the general rule is if you're wearing thin trainer socks, pretty much stick to the same size that you were in your normal trainers. And if you're going to be wearing thicker socks, trainer socks, sports socks or boxing socks which I do recommend, then definitely go up a half size. And that will give you a little bit more room in there. This is only a rough gate for size and obviously everyone's feet are different. People prefer different fits on their boots as well, but hopefully that gives you a rough idea of what to look for when you're sizing up your boots.

Overall Summary Review of the Box Hog 2 Boxing Boots

But overall, if you are looking for just a good quality pair of boots, like I said, if you're just starting out or maybe you're working on a budget, you're looking for a good pair of boots that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You definitely can't go wrong with these Adidas box sport socks too. They're very plain, very simple. You're not going to be making too much of a statement walking into the gym on your first night if you're wearing a pair to these.

So definitely recommended you can't go wrong £55. I've linked to the boots for our website in the description there. So you can check them out and you can grab them from us if you don't trust it. And don't forget, please subscribe to our channel. We've got lots more videos coming soon. Lots more reviews and products comparison. 

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