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Best Boxing Boots - Everything you need to know (2020)

Amateur/Pro Boxing Boots UK

After a few months participating in Amatuer Boxing you will most probably reach the point where you require a pair of boxing boots. Generally Boxing shoes will provide extra grip, ankle support and are lightweight allowing you to move around the canvas with ease. 

One of the most important aspects of Boxing is footwork, a good pair of boxing shoes will improve a boxers footwork.

Another thing to consider is the aesthetics, often boxers will choose boots that fit their shorts or branding and although this isn't a priority it should be considered.

amateur boxers competing with nike boots and red and green vests

Why Buy Boxing Boots?


Boxing boots will typically be built with rubber soles that grip to the canvas. This allows the fighter to quickly change directions. Having good grip is important for pivoting the foot when throwing shots such as hooks. The extra grip allows the boxer to generate more power in the punches,

Speed- Purchasing a lightweight boxing boot allows the fighter to glide around the canvas a lot easier than he/she would in typical trainers. Part of boxing involves pushing in and out of range using the feet therefore having something that isn't heavy on the feet is vital.


 Boxing is still a spectators sport and having a nice pair of flashing colored boxing boots will certainly make the boxer stand out.

Types Of Boxing Boots

When first looking for a pair of boots you may want to consider which type of boxing boot need. Boxing boots generally come in three different types, High Lace Ups, Mid Lace ups/Velcro and Low cut boots. So what's the difference between each style? 

Classic High Lace Ups

The ‘high style boxing boots’ are a traditional style that offer a lot of ankle support. The benefits of this type of boot include a snug high support for the ankle and calf. 

Inside the boxing ring we often need to move and change angles repeatedly with our footwork therefore something that offers solid ankle support is vital. 

high boxing boots adidas

One of the things you may notice with the typical high rise fitting boxing boot is how tight fitting they are. If you typically have wide feet then you may struggle with this type of boot. You will have to really slacken the laces and may  have to spend some time wearing the boot in. 

Mid Cut Boxing Boots

These types of boxing boots don't rise as high up the calf as the traditional high lace ups. However they still offer some form of ankle support. The mid rise offer a little more speed of foot because they carry less material that the classic lace ups. The Mid Cut are extremely popular style of boxing in modern day boxing and are supported by many of the upcoming amateur boxers. We feel these boots are better of a wider fitting foot although as with any boxing shoe you will need to wear them in a little.

Low Cut Boxing Boots

The low cut boxing boots are less common as they do not offer ankle support. However, low cut and mid cut are often labeled as the same type as boot. You will rarely find a low cut boxing boot that doesn't offer ankle support.

low cut boxing boot

Popular Brands of Boxing Boots

Adidas Boxing Boots

Adidas are probably the most popular type of boxing boot in the UK. They offer a variety of styles and colours and have mid tier affordable pricing. Most fighters will wear a pair of adidas boxing boots.

Our pick of the bunch for Adidas boxing boots are the  Mens Hog2.0 Boxing Shoes. The box hog range have been established for some time now. A very popular durable boxing boot. The Hog 2.0 have are extremely lightweight and have a mesh lining to help keep you cool. The grip on the sole of the shoe is nice and too 'grippy' perfect for sliding in and out of range with punches.

Adidas Men's Hog.2 Boxing Shoes/Boots

  • One piece gum rubber outsole for ideal traction and grip
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Mesh
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Normal

Nike Boxing Boots

Nike are less common in the UK, the Nike boxing boots have seen a recent rise in popularity with fighters like Manny Pacquio opting to use them. We find the Nike shoes to be most comfortable if you have narrow fight as they are very tight fitting. Nike boots can often be slightly more expensive than the likes of Adidas and Lonsdale.

Our Nike Boot Pick

The black basic style of this shoe along with sleek design make this one of our fave's. Nike make really solid boxing boots, slightly more expensive than the Adidas boots but very clean and sleek in style.

  • Outer Material: Synthetic leather, textile
  • Inner Material: Synthetic leather, textile
  • Sole: Synthetic leather, textile
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Medium

  • Everlast Boxing Boots

    Everlast is an american brand that you tend to see less in the UK. The are solid boxing boxing boots that seem to be very popular in American boxing.

    Our Everlast Pick

    Reebok Boxing Boots

    The Reebok brand is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The Rebook books were made popular in recent years by Flloyd Mayweather before being adopted by Amir Khan. The Reebok boxing boots are stylish boots and and mid to high tier in terms of pricing.

    Our Reebok Pick

  • Nylon mesh upper
  • High-cut design
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-up and Hook-and-loop
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Synthetic nubuck overlays
  • Lonsdale Boxing Boots

    Lonsdale is a traditional British brand of boxing shoe and are quite popular due to how easy they are to purchase. You will find a range of Lonsdale boxing boots in most sports direct stores. In terms of aesthetics Lonsdale comes in plain dark coloured styles. These type of boots are less expensive than Nike, Adidas and Reebok and therefore would be perfect for a Beginner. 

    Our Londsdale Pick

    Black White
    • Mid-cut
    • Laced
    • Outer Material: Leather
    • Closure: Lace-Up
    • Material Composition: Leather
    • Shoe Width: Medium
    • Quilted, cushioned ankle collar

    Another important part of the boxing kit include the hand-wraps.

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