What’s the difference between high-top and low-top boxing shoes? 

 October 30, 2020

By  allboxingodds

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Hightop VS lowtop boxing shoes?

Now I'm going to do a quick breakdown of choosing between low-top boxing shoes  or high-top boxing shoes (boots), or medium-top boxing shoes (boots). 

What's the difference?

What's involved ? 

What factors are there?

What should you consider?

Overall, right off the front, costs. A low-top boxing boot has less material. It will probably be cheaper. It can be anywhere from £50 to maybe £100. 

High-top boxing shoes, they're almost always like £130, £150 for the reputable brand name ones. It's very hard to find high tops below £100. And if you did find it below $100, I'm not sure that you should trust it.

Next biggest difference is the ankle support which we will cover more below.

boxing shoes /boots

Ultimately, what's the difference?

Usually, you would think the weight would have a factor on it. A lot of people think maybe the little top ones feel lighter. These feel lighter, not so much because there's less material, but they feel lighter because there's less material on your legs. There's less of something grabbing your leg, grabbing your calf and your ankle, and therefore you feel lighter.

It's not because of the weight. There's the Nike HyperKO .They're boxing boots per se, and they're still very super lightweight, and will be lighter than your typical Nike running shoes or Nike basketball shoes.

Supporting the ankle

Another thing about it too is the support. This is a big, big, big one. From here, as you can see, it's not much ankle support really, it's just a shoe that you put on. It's got like a sock, right? But this will wrap around your ankle. And if you get high enough, it'll even wrap around your calf, so it really solidifies your leg. We spoke about this in depth in our guide to wrestling vs boxing shoes.

Now, what can you do when you have shoes like that? On a shoe like this, as a low top, you feel like you have a little more mobility, a little more agility. You can kind of turn and cut, and really get down to low angles or just funny, awkward leg situations that you normally wouldn't be able to. If you're a total mobility guy, you may prefer these.

But on the split side, on the other end of the coin, when you have a high-top shoe, maybe you're not as agile as you would be with a low-top. But, but, but, but, every movement that you make, you're super supportive and secure.


It's like you have titanium reinforcement rods on your joint so everywhere you move, you move solid and you feel like whole body comes with you, all your legs. When your foot touches the ground, you feel like your entire leg is anchored to the ground, okay. You feel like you're doing everything with more power.

Now, these shoes will allow you to jump several feet very quickly. These will allow you to move maybe a couple inches. However, you will move those couple inches very securely, right? Like I said, you will feel very, very anchored to the ground, very secure to the ground, and that all your movements have power, balance and all that.

I think personally when I was more of a beginner, I loved the low-tops because I could just run and jump all over the place and do all kinds of funny moves I see in the videos. But as I get more experienced at boxing, I become a more experienced fighter, I settled down. I love to sit down in my punches. This lets you sit like a pro. And pros, they use more high-tops, honestly.

These let you really sit down, they really let you settle, and then you do your fight in inches, right? I don't fight jumping back and forth two, three feet every step. I move around in inches and these help me. They move very quick, but just a smaller distance, but very quick. I think these have more support.

When you get high-top, there are a few things that you have to think about. One, they can be a hassle to put your foot in and out. I wish, these shoes, the material inside, it's like a typical boxing shoe, I wish that all these high-top boxing shoes would make like a slippery leather layer on the inside, just on the back so that your heel will slide in, right? Because sometimes your sock will catch on the materials. It can be a total hassle sometimes. You got to loosen up all the laces, then you put your foot in, then you got to retighten all the laces, pull all the slack up. And then it's time to go, you got to loosen up all the laces again. That can be very annoying.

For some of you, we use a medium-top. Or some of you with a really high boxing boots like Cleto Reyes, they have the zipper, which is super awesome so you can zip and unzip super fast. And they have a little strap down here for extra security. I think the Nike HyperKOs, they have that. there's a matter of that.

The other thing about when you get a high-top boxing boot, right, boxing shoe, sometimes the fit between the calf and the ankle is not good. For example, some shoes will be a little small, little tight for you on the calf area, and then too loose on the ankle area. It's kind of funny because you think that if you're getting a high-top boxing boot that the ankle area is secure because it covered, but sometimes the ankle area is loose. It's even less support than you would have with a low-top boxing shoe.

What some guys will do, if you have that problem with a high-top, they tighten up laces super tight and then the extra laces they wrap around the ankle area, right? Just like the same way with your gloves, right? The extra laces, they wrap around the wrist and forearm. You can do that. Or you have the opposite. Sometimes the ankles tight, but then the calves are too tight. It doesn't fit around your calves. Your calves look like bread just exploding through the top of the shoe.

It's really a matter of fit. It's a matter of personal taste, how you feel, how you move. Ultimately, I think at the end the better you get as a fighter, the more you will prefer a high-top shoe just for more support and everything. The low-top is great cross-training, moving, doing ladder drills, footwork drills, this and that. But when you want to do just pure boxing and moving with solid balance and power, the high-top is the way to go.

I was hoping not to create confusion, but I think I laid out a whole bunch of things for you guys to think about. If your looking for more information on what you need to start boxing then this post should give you a helping hand.

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